Client - Promina

Promina Homemade Launch Campaign

Promina ala homemade, Solusi simple masak mpasi


  • Create awareness of the new product launch
  • Educate TA on how to serve Promina Homemade for their babies

Target audience: Mothers, Homemade baby food users

Campaign Period: Jun-Aug 2019

Media Strategy: Utilizing mobile ads and other medium which relevant with Mom such as social media, YT, and mom community 


Mobex Award 2020 (Southeast Asia):

  1. Gold winner for Best Mobile Advertising Strategy
  2. Gold winner for Most Engaging Mobile Campaign
  3. Gold winner for Most Innovative Use of Mobile

MMA Smarties Award 2020 (Indonesia):

  1. Bronze winner for Product/Service launch
  2. Bronze  winner for Best Brand Experience in Mobile Rich Media